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Press Reset Spotlight: Sheri Riley

Sheri103 (EDIT)
Written by Shanti

Q: Tell us about the time when you decided to “Press Reset” and start your own company? And when did you decide to Press Reset for the second time?

A: During my tenure at LaFace Records, I had the incredible opportunity to work with some of the biggest recording artists in the world, Toni Braxton, TLC, Usher, and Outkast, to name a few. I got to the top in the entertainment industry and I was miserable. Not because I didn’t love my job or the people I worked with–I did–but I didn’t have a good life. I didn’t know how to effectively manage the stress. I couldn’t spend quality time with my family without feeling guilty and worried about deadlines. And I rarely had a good night’s sleep.

Basically, I was spending 100% of my time on 10% of who I was.

So I resigned. I left my dream job at LaFace Records at the HEIGHT of my career. My family and friends thought I literally lost my mind. Since college, I’d always known I wanted to be an entrepreneur. After leaving LaFace, I launched GLUE, a strategic consulting firm, where we developed profitable partnerships for products and personalities.   After 17 years, I pressed reset again to move into my purpose which is working with celebrities, athletes, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and other high achievers on how to experience Exponential Living®. This is the lifestyle of pursuing peace, choosing clarity, and living courageously. My Exponential Living® programs help high achievers and influencers to not only have career success but also a good life.

Q: Is it better being in business for yourself than working for an employer; are there some advantages of being an entrepreneur?

A: This is a case by case basis. Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. There are certain character traits necessary for this journey. As an entrepreneur you only “eat what you kill”. Meaning you are constantly having to create your financial opportunities and evolve your business. When I was running GLUE, the moment I signed a client contract, I not only had to facilitate this agreement at the highest level of excellence, but I had to also begin the mental and physical preparation for the next contract.

The best part and the biggest challenge of being an entrepreneur is the freedom. The freedom to create also comes with the challenge of having to create.

Q: When did you know that Exponential Living was your purpose?

A: The reality of Exponential Living was alive in me when I resigned from LaFace Records. The day I launched GLUE, October 16, 1997, I was very clear that my journey with this company was leading me to Exponential Living. But the clarity of how and who Exponential Living was going to serve didn’t become clear to me until a few years ago.

Q: Having worked in the music biz, you understand the importance of companies and entrepreneurs “branding” themselves; how can entrepreneurs  use the internet/social media to their benefit?

A: The internet has drastically changed the “entry to market” for smaller businesses. Prior to social media and the internet, business costs were much higher to garner exposure and build business relationships. Now entrepreneurs can create marketing campaigns on the internet that have an international audience and court and secure new business via video and presentation software. Also, products that had to be sold into retail channels, can now be sold and shipped to anyone in the world, without the middle man.

Q: What advice would you give to someone just starting out or someone looking to make a career change?

A: As my mentor and friend Dr. John Maxwell says, “success is going to take longer than you planned, cost more than you budgeted, and require more work than you expected.” Work hard and be patient.

And most importantly, broaden your definition of success. Securing multimillion dollar contracts is not the only definition of success for entrepreneurs (or anyone else). Always acknowledge the personal victories you achieve, receive and enjoy along the way.


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