R.I.P. Chris Lighty – one of our music heroes!

September, 2, 2012

Dear fam,

Is anyone else in as much of a daze as me about the passing of Baby Chris? I am sure. It’s seems like a dream. This one really sent seismic waves throughout the business, measuring a 9.5 on the richter scale! I grew up looking up to the likes of Russell Simmons, LA Reid, Kevin Liles, Puff, Hov and Chris Lighty. Silly, but u think these guys will be here forever with the “S” on their chests! SO grateful to have watched him soar in this game that we love and hate so much. I now have one foot in and one foot out in the biz. Chris has lasted for DECADES and always carried himself with respect and understood the art of the deal. The music biz is like this fraternity that u will forever be a part of. Once u do it and succeed in it, you never lose certain parts of it. My heart is weeping tonight and although I didn’t speak to Chris on a regular basis, I feel like a part of me, a part of us, of this business will FOREVER be empty.  When I was on the come up, I would see him and he would see straight past me, lol. I worked hard to get the respect of the guys I mentioned up top.  Once I made a name for myself, Chris showed me a lot of respect. I will forever admire how he conducted business and I was a better executive for seeing him do the dance and learning how to strategically “work” a room. R.I.P. Chris. Thank you SO much for inspiring all of us music folks to be great! Your work is not in vein and your legacy will live on forever! Mr. Violator rest easy with the Lord.



Shanti “Shoestring” Das

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