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#TheHip-Hop Professional® , #ChooseATL, #BlackGirlPower, #ArtofOrganizedNoize and more at SXSW’16

Written by Shanti

March 25, 2016

Last week Shanti Das, The Hip-Hop Professional® took Austin/SXSW by storm! Teaming with up the Metro Chamber of Atlanta on their latest initiative Choose ATL, Shanti hosted the Sunday Hangover brunch (during Interactive week) having a fun, informative and spirited conversation with rapper/activist Killer Mike. Later that eve, Shanti emceed the showcase of some very talented artists and musicians in the Atlanta area.

Next up was the panel procured by Bossip.com Editor Janee Bolden, Black Girl Power featuring Janee, Whitney Gayle-Benta of Revolt TV, Dr. Goddess and Shanti. The panel was definitely empowering and full of great information for women navigating the entertainment space.

Shanti also got a chance to attend the first public screening of the new documentary the Art of Organized Noize (now on Netflix), chronicling the rise of the successful Atlanta music production team. She also ended up jumping on their panel during the conference Organized Tales from the ATL hearing her experiences as the promo and marketing rep for most of the Organized crew.

The beauty of conferences like SXSW is also the ability to connect and network with other professionals from various industries. Great connections were made with pros from Intel, Citrix, Instagram, Spotify, Samsung, GA Power, and so much more!

For anyone aspiring to work in the biz, attend these type of conferences, events and other local hangs in your area. It’s up to you to MAKE A WAY!




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